Matthew Mulcahy

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    • textured ceilings
    • sunbursts
    • stress crack repair
    • water damage repair
    • plaster repair
    • full painting
    • insurance work
    • new installations
    • remodeling

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ceiling and drywall contractor

Matthew Mulcahy is a ceiling and drywall contractor specializing in textured finishing and repair work of all kinds; but especially to water-damaged ceilings and walls. Matt will be happy to discuss projects anywhere in the Greater Rochester region; and he will travel to jobs anywhere in Monroe County.

Mulcahy Ceilings and Drywall is experienced with both new installations and renovations; and can handle all aspects of your ceiling or drywall job - from reframing damaged areas to the finish painting. Be sure to call Matt for a free estimate for all your ceiling or drywall installation needs.